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Temple of Borobudur Complex

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Described as grander than anything left by ancient Greece or Rome, the 8th-century jungle temple of Borobudur, remains central java's proudest symbol and its biggest draw. A tribute to the Buddhist worlds, this architectural masterpiece was left behind by the once-mighty Saliendra Dynasty and now stands as the largest religious structure in the world.

We spend amount days exploring the Site temple of Borobudur complex, a UNESCO World Heritage, and hit all of the highlights, from culture bas-relief temples to massive Buddha images draped in vines. In addition to Borobudur itself, we'll explore the temple of Pawon including the remarkable complex Temple,

Temple of Borobudur rightfully stands as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and is the perfect complement to any trip to Asia

8th Temple of Borobudur (sumber:http://upload.wikimedia.org)

The Temple of Borobudur from The air (sumber:http://paradise-toursm.blogspot.com)

Relief Temple of Borobudur (sumber:http://upload wikimedia.org)
Temple of Pawon (sumber:http://agungnovanto-wisatacandi.blogspot.com)

Temple of Mendut (sumber:http://kotawisataindonesia.com)
Sunrise on the temple of Borobudur (sumber:http://allindonesiatravel.com)
200th Temple of Borobudur (sumber:Borobudurpark.com)
JOIN ME now  (sumber:http://thetact.files.wordpress.com)

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